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2017 seen the launch of Welsh Factor TV, an Internet based television channel. Welsh Factor TV is a Welsh based Company designed to promote talent based in Wales providing an opportunity for talented people with exceptional skills to enhance and develop their talents. The Internet TV channel is the brainchild of Anna Marie Thomas who was voted Business person of the Year in March 2011 by Bay Radio Community Awards for all her hard work with the Welsh Factor and for her ingenious work and inventory of the Welsh Factor talent Competition. The Welsh Factor is an ongoing and perpetual competition that generates business for business and discovers new talent from the community while at the same time increasing confidence levels in the contestants that enter such competitions.


This new project is directed at promoting Welsh Artistes in Wales such as vocalists, instrumentalists, comedy acts, singer songwriters and people who are creative and inventive in their fields. The ambition of the company is to be one of the leading Internet TV channel in the country within the next few years. The channel is keen to develop new talent and encourage original ideas to be promoted to the general public and bring to birth the hidden pearls of skills that lie dormant in the heart and soul of the people in the communities of Wales. It will feature music videos from original artistes from around the World to bring a bit of spice of different genres of music that is current in the today’s music industry.


It will give would be composers, writers, and talent in general an outlet to express their skills and showcase them to the public through events organised and marketed by welsh Factor TV. There will be new and unorthodox methods of promotion using different ideas that will help to channel new works where artistes can express their talents to a wide audience. Welsh Factor TV will also cover events throughout the UK involving their sponsors to highlight their businesses and contacts within the world of any form of entertainment including sporting events.

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