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Terms & Conditions

The Talent Show is organised by the founders of “The Welsh Factor”, an organisation dedicated to promote talent in the field of the “Music & Entertainment Industry” in Wales. Any discipline can enter the “Talent Show” providing it is not of an obscene nature.

Artistes, performers, groups or units entering the Talent Show will be judged on the following criteria:  


The contestant will be marked on originality, popularity and interest of their act. An audience always requires to be entertained and the contestant must be aware that it is their responsibility to connect with the audience and produce a show worthy of applause and maybe a standing ovation.


This area will be judged on the clothes chosen by the contestant, the more smarter the better or to the point judges look for presentation of such things as clothes being clean presentable or trendy such as clean shoes or trainers for girls smart dresses or trendy with a bit of bling such as the effort you have made with hair and makeup, just remember this is the music & entertainment industry where image is a massive selling point. Try to represent your clothing to what genre of music you will be performing to give you that extra edge.  


Contestants will be judged in this area by the way they use the stage, connect with the audience, the interpretation of the song, music, script or visual display they have chosen to perform. Consideration will also be given to the level of entertainment value this section requires. 

Star Quality:

Judges will be observing the raw talent contestants have and marks will be awarded accordingly. Star quality is something that can be developed over time and this competition is designed to expose such talent and provide an opportunity for the development of such persons in the field of the “Music & Entertainment Industry”   


The Welsh Factor structure will consist of a series of First Round Heats followed by Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and a Grand National Final.

The Prize for a singer will be the opportunity to record an original song with a leading record label with other prizes to be announced which will aid the development of each categories talent such as dancers, dance groups, choirs, different age groups and speciality acts. There will also be a video & photography shoot for the winner valued at £1,500 and Videos will also be available through Swan TV for all contestants taking part at every stage of the Welsh Factor from the 1st round heats up to the Grand National Final. There will be a nominal charge for videos taken during and throughout the competition except for the ultimate winners. The Company are in negotiations at this time of posting and will be making announcements in the near future. All listings of the dates will be confirmed as they are negotiated.


A contestant can enter the talent show as an individual or in a combination such as a duo, trio, or group. 

However, the contestant can only take part on the night in one capacity only in any given heat of the prevailing series of the competition. If they wish to take part in another capacity they can do so but on a separate heat.

An entrance fee to the competition of £10 is required from each contestant. This is a one off fee and will give them free access upon qualification through to the final of the nominated competition. 

One prize will be allocated to one contestant, the “contestant” hereinafter being a single person, duo, trio or group for the purposes of this contract. 

Each contestant must supply “backing tracks” in the form of a Memory Stick or other format arranged with the promoters sound engineers prior to their performance on the evening. The backing track must be forwarded by email to the organisers at least two days prior to any stage of the competition and a week before the Grand National Final

All tracks must be no longer than than 4 minutes duration in length. If any tracks need editing to comply please contact the organisers who can help.

In some cases, if a Contestants cannot find a backing track that they wish to sing, if they leave us know in advance, we can look for the backing track for them thought our resources.

Contestants who are using musical instruments must leave us know in advance for us to make arrangements of requirements for appropriate equipment if necessary to advise our technical staff and sound engineers.

Contestants may have their slots reduced or expanded at any given time and this will be at the discretion of the organisers. 

If a contestant fails to qualify for example in Heat 1, they will be offered to progress to the Quarter Finals free of charge as they would have already paid their entrance fee to the competition. If they fail to qualify for Quarter Finals they can keep on progressing as far as the 1st Round Heat stages (or if more first round heats are added their progress can be continued) in order to qualify. It is therefore in everyone’s interests to apply for the earlier heats as possible in order to qualify for the Quarter Finals. 

The “contestants” can comprise their act of any content provided it is not offensive, blue, rude, nudity, or simulated acts of an offensive nature 

All contestants by entering the Welsh Factor Talent competition assent to the organizers using any recordings of their performance in the form of any media including Internet, CD’s, Videos, DVD’s Broadcasting in any format for the promotion of the competition. 

All contestants by entering the Welsh Factor Talent competition assent to the organizers of any use of any photographic image of themselves in any form or denomination in advertising or promotion of the competition. 

Any person under the age of sixteen years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian or have their written consent to enter the competition. The parents must also apply to their local Council for a “licence” for them to perform in a public place according to the law of the land, Facilities are available to arrange younger children to appear on an early slot in the competition for the purposes of attending school the following day.  

The “Offer of a contract” is proposed to those winners of the competition who will be trained & mentored through the “Welsh Factor Academy” they must possess their Sound Equipment. They must also be able to perform for a minimum period of 2 x 45 minutes per show per engagement or contact offered by a third party.  

The Welsh Factor organizers reserve the right to offer a contract to any contestant taking part in the competitions whether they qualify as winners or not.  

The Welsh Factor organizers reserve the right to change any format of the competition without prior notice or warning but will endeavour to protect the interests of the contestants in any change that will take place.  

If you are ill on any Semi Final or the Final and and can’t take part, you could lose out on your place but the Welsh Factor sympathizes with such events and if possible will try and make provision for you. However, if there are semi final heats still available in the same competition we can transfer you to another heat if there are any remaining. If you are ill and there is no other semi final place left, the only alternative we can offer is to offer you a semi final place in the next Welsh Factor Regional competition. IF you are ill on the final of the competition the same rule will apply whereby we will offer you a place in the final of the next prevailing competition. We feel this is fair as a contestant has demonstrated their ability to reach a certain stage in the competition.    

If a person or team withdraws from the final the next person or team with the highest marks in their category will be offered a place in the final.

The Prizes on offer are as stated in the rules of the competition.  

We have professional people involved in the Welsh Factor competitions and for this purpose no photography or video can be taken without the express permission of the organizers. This is to prevent sub standard productions being placed on the Internet as the quality can be detrimental to our organization and to the contestants concerned.  

Please be aware that whenever you enter a venue where the Welsh Factor competition is held and where food and drink are being served, no one is allowed to bring their own refreshments from outside. We sincerely request your acknowledgement to this situation.  

All Judge's decisions will be final without redress. Any person found unjustly defaming the Welsh Factor organisation on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Bebo or any other similar sites may expose themselves to litigation in the law courts.  

The organisers reserve the right to offer "wild" cards for certain circumstances that may arise throughout the competition.